Журнал ihola 2014

журнал ihola 2014

Costa Rica In Costa Rica, Grupo Cerca also publishes Advertising Age, Mercados & Tendencias, Audi, and Productor Agropecuario, among others, and will be responsible for the complete production and distribution of ¡Hola! magazine. Maria Elena Gallegos, an employee at La Estrella, shows off their Napoleon’s hat-shaped coyota. Honduras Grupo CERCA Monthly 8.150 120 HNL 2013 ¡Hola! Nicaragua has a circulation of 6,600, and is sold at 145 cordobas (approximately $5.50).Hugo Holmann, Publisher of Diario La Prensa, said the partnership «is a strategic alliance, and not just for Nicaragua. Coyotas are the perfect complement to breakfast coffee; a great rejoinder to spicy savory dishes like egg and chorizo burritos, machaca, and carne asada; or a lovely dessert, especially when paired with coffee or tea. Costa Rica Grupo CERCA Monthly 11.000 2750 CRC 2013 ¡Hola!

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