Ружье оружие и амуниция журнал 2013

ружье оружие и амуниция журнал 2013

Blum, who had been fascinated with Asia since visiting Nepal, in 1968, accompanied her. Now she told me, “We sent out this big report to those departments that should care. Retrieved 24 December 2013. ^ a b c Telman, Denis (13 January 2014). «Before his death, wrote a letter of repentance Kalashnikov patriarch». Izvestia. |access-date= requires |url= (help) ^ BBC News — Kalashnikov ‘feared he was to blame’ for AK-47 rifle deaths. That’s for sure.” She continued, “It’s a lonely place. Meanwhile, Blum and a partner raised more than a hundred million dollars to invest, primarily in China.

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