Журнал «midnight»

журнал «midnight»

Though it is late, let us speak after the dance.” “After…?” “Yes.” Jorger stood, settling the sun upon his face more firmly. “I find that I often get my best work done at night while the rest of the world sleeps.” The Itodian prince rose with the king. “Well, then. Helge? Rika?” He rattled off the three names and lifted the lantern so it shone square in her face. Chablis hugs me again and instructs me to tell my children that “Auntie Chablis sends her love.” Still feeling her warmth, I make my way down the labyrinth of narrow stairwells and dark hallways to the Jefferson Streetexit. The queen stumbled in his wake as he dragged her toward the door. By all the gods—He was going to take her out of the castle. Some savored the profound quiet, or a perfect sunrise, or shimmering green aurorae on white snow. Lennart’s body was capable, but there was no tenderness, no love in their coupling during the day.

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